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Documents Needed For Tax Preparation

Documents Needed For Personal Tax Preparation

Form Of Identification

1. Driver’s license, State Issued Photo ID for taxpayer(s), or Passport, Green Card)

2. Social Security Card and/or Numbers for taxpayer(s) and dependents

3.Birthday's for taxpayer(s) and dependents

Stimulus Amounts

1. First Stimulus Amount Received

2. Second Stimulus Amount Received

3. Third Stimulus Amount Received

All Income documents 

1. Copy of last year’s tax return

2. W2’s

3. 1099-MISC’s

4. 1099-NEC’s

5. Retirement Income (1099-R)

6. Social security Income (SSA-1099)


Stocks and Bonds, Withdrawals/Rollovers from IRA/401k,

1. 1099-INT

2. 1099-DIV etc.

3. 1099-B

Health Insurance 

1. Form 1095-A, or

2. Form 1095-C from Employer or Healthcare Marketplace for  taxpayer(s) and dependents

All Other documents to support filing 

1. Mortgage interest statement Form 1098

2. Tuition/Education Loan Interest (1098-E)

3. Home Office Square Footage and Total Home Square Footage

4. Alimony Payments  Received

5. Child-care, Dependent Care

6. Cash and Non-Cash Charitable Contributions

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